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Tami Lindahl  – LA’s #1 Health,   Fitness and Weight Loss Coach! 

Thank you for visiting this website. The first step to turning your body into a fat burning machine, having more energy and fitting into your skinny jeans again, is to provide yourself with the guidance, help and support you need to make the essential changes in your lifestyle.

Thanks for coming to the website; I have a question for you…

Have you ever….

Tried every diet plan know to mankind, lost some weight only to gain it back…with “company”?

Are you tired of temptation and (lack of) “will power” ruining your weight loss efforts?

Signed up for a gym only to “donate” to them monthly while never showing up? Of course you keep saying “I’ll start Monday” so you continue membership…

Tried diets that had you starving, eating out of a box, or eating “diet” foods not really knowing which foods put your body in a fat storage mode?

Wished you felt more confident, not just with yourself, but with wearing clothes that made you feel pretty? Does wearing shorts or a tank top make you cringe even though it’s 100 degrees outside?

Ok, I guess that was a few questions but I”m very passionate about what I do and how I help people…

If you answered yes to any of these, then my program may be for you.


I have been steadily gaining weight for several years.  I dieted with no long term success and believed that my body would never lose weight until I started applying the information Tami taught me. I find the information Tami teaches to be sensible, realistic, healthy, and sustainable for life. Within the last eight weeks I’ve lost 25lbs. 

Samantha T. Castaic, CA


I will tell you that my program is not for everyone. If you are looking for a magic pill, THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR YOU!  If you are offended by the words God, higher power, source, or mediation, THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR YOU! If you are not willing to do anything different than what you are doing now, THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR YOU!  This program has you eating real food, for real life, period! No diets scams, gadgets or pills.

It is ONLY for people who want to get healthy and fit for life… and not be on a diet. This program is for people who have tried everything else and are ready to “go for it”…. Do you really want to lose weight? REALLY? If you want it, then this program is for you, and you can have it… and I can help you achieve it!


“Tami’s program is easy to follow, effective and offer’s an opportunity to live a normal life while changing eating habits and losing weight. Tami is supportive, committed and encouraging with her clients and I’m impressed at how she’s always looking for ways to improve her program for her clients. The one thing I believe sets Tami apart as a professional is her heartfelt care and concern for the health and well being of her clients. I lost 30 pounds and I’m still going.”

J.C. Valencia, CA.


This program is designed to not just reveal all my weight loss secrets so you discover which foods put you body in a fat burning zone, or teach you about the kind of exercise that that will speed up your metabolism, but bring a spiritual element that will bring you real happiness for a better mind, body, and spirit connection, for lifelong success… This is not religious by any stretch, just to be clear… It’s about brining balance to your life. It’s about changing the way we think and feel about food and exercise, that’s what brings long term success. It’s about releasing anger, resentments, and fear to finally discovering a happy and healthy life! This is not a “quick fix” it’s the real deal!

If this sounds like something you have wanted to do but couldn’t find the right program yet, if this resonates with you, I say go for it! Enroll today.

About Tami:

As a well known member of the fitness community, with over 11 years of experience helping people just like you achieve their goals, Tami Lindahl is committed to helping America lose weight and get in shape.

Not only is Tami a published author, she has also been a keynote speaker, and a guest host on KHTS radio including The Fitness Hour with Ellen Como. She also sits on the Board of the Health Care Committee through the SCV Chamber of Commerce.

Tami’s specialties and certifications include Biggest Loser Pro ® group exercise, personal training, kickboxing, youth fitness, and senior fitness, and lifestyle coach, to name a few, all certified by the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, and the Arthritis Foundation.

In 2005 Tami opened her own gym called “Club 50 Fitness”. And well, you guessed it; “Club 50 Fitness” is designed for men and women 50 and better. Tami’s helped 100’s of people begin an exercise program, offered 1-on1 personal training and taught weekly weight loss classes. Tami became fascinated with the weight loss program that she was offering at the gym, and began to do more and more research on eating low glycemic foods. She published her unique findings and tips for success in the book “How to Lose Weight without Being on a Diet, For Women”.
July 23, 2011, entered in the NPC national body building and bikini competition!! She took a 1st place trophy in the Masters 45+ bikini division!!

As a “chubby” trainer herself she knows what it is to have food addictions, and struggle with weight. Now that she has lost the weight, learned the weight loss secrets, the real weight loss secrets, it’s her goal to share that and help others get the results they are looking for. With the right foods, exercise and personal development tools, her clients  feel lighter on the inside so it shows on the outside.

Tami now offers in-home personal training and virtual coaching by phone. The phone coaching is a dynamic way to get the results you are looking for.  The tools given in her program are not just what to eat and how to move but, give you what you need to stop sabotaging yourself so you have lasting results. Discover the fat burning foods that you can enjoy eating without guilt. Learn why diets don’t work, and what does. With her step by step action guide and journal you will learn to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and lose the weight you’ve always wanted in the process!!